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September 20 2017

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I laughed so hard I gave myself an asthma attack. 

By the way, this can be found on Amazon.

“Pasadena Pool Float.”

One reviewer says they tried it, but it sucked all the water out of the pool. Beautiful.



The comments on Twitter are enough to pull anyone out of a cranky mood.

“What’s the absorbency level on this thing?” @fanmomaf asked.

“If you don’t want to lose this on the pool deck, just pull off the adhesive strip on the back and attach it to your chair!” @bmmcgar suggested.

“I’ll wear my red swimsuit to complete the cosplay,” @wordblender wrote.

“Has someone made the surfing the crimson wave joke yet?” @elephantista asked.

“I suppose the Management just went with the flow,” @val_kudirka joked.

“Alternative theory – it was designed by a woman who was sick of the men in her family stealing all the pool float,” @verysimple responded.

Is there a model with wings?

i legit stared at this trying to figure out what the hell it was and what it was supposed to do–like, it didn’t occur to me that it was supposed to just be a pool float. i was like–maybe it’s a … cushion to lie on while you’re on your period???  

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a little dark, michaels, but i’m with ya

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Emily Bador (source unknown)

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