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May 21 2017

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hahahahahahahahahahahaha pain

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opening up

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Caption:  “On this day in 1953, two young men announced Rosalind Franklin’s stunning work on X-ray photography of the DNA Double Helix.”

Internet: We saw what you did there, and we approve.

Reminder Rosalind Franklin was Jewish.

Context: Rosalind Franklin’s ground breaking research into DNA was stolen by Watson and Crick via one of Franklin’s own interns stealing her research for them.

and reminder that even though it’s pretty much widely agreed these days that she was robbed of a Nobel prize, the Nobel committee doesn’t award posthumously so it’s kind of like they just went ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hermann Ottomar Herzog
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Randomphilia - Blank Space


Good luck on finals! Y’all got this :]

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I’ve found it. The epitome of terrible ally culture. This is it. Jokes on them, they were using water cannons  to break up a pride parade but lol they made rainbows!! A victory for The Gays, what do you mean state-sanctioned violence and police brutality? It’s symbolic!

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