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June 19 2017

Wiesz co? Nigdy nie zdawałam sobie sprawy, jak kurewsko wyczerpujące jest znać Ciebie
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pleeeeeaaaaase don’t make fun of people for being overenthusiastic about their interests. if you see someone getting really excited about something and you think it’s a good idea to ruin their fun (and don’t think people don’t notice your eye rolls and side glances) you’re an asshole

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"Gdybym mógł, gdybym tak mógł wydrzeć sobie serce i odrzucić serce, i być bez serca."
- Edward Stachura

by; Stowarzyszenie Ukrytych Poetów
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Egon Schiele (Austrian, 1890-1918), Portrait of Guido Arnot, 1918. Black crayon on paper, 47.2 x 30.1 cm.

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Responsible af. 10/10, good doggo.

You can’t be mad at him

Definitely should give him a treat

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