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July 03 2017

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“Talking Heads”. — a short documentary where people of different age, profession and social status answer two simple questions: who they are and what they want from life. For some reason this girl’s response stuck with me. (directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski).

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Large Vase with Flowers (1880-1888)

Josep Mirabent

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let’s be empty together

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周雪 Shirley Zhou Xue (1982 - )

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Charles “Lucky” Luciano set up the Commission, where the bosses of the most powerful crime families would have equal say and vote on important matters and solve disputes between families. By mid-century, there were 26 official Commission-sanctioned Mafia crime families, each based in a different city (except for the Five Families which were all based in New York).

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Print - c.1730–1809 - via Cooper Hewitt

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  • me: *is left alone with my thoughts for more than two seconds*
  • me: the suffering begins
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